Our Team

Steven Goulstone – Pastor

Steven joined WSBC as the pastor in the middle of 2019. Soon after that, he was asked to write a 6 word memoir. He doesn’t know if he did it right, but the words he chose were:

Loved, broken, hopeful, inclusive, family, disciple.

He likes to think those words shape who he is, and what he’s about. He knows he is loved by God, he realises he is broken, he is hopeful in the face of what is wrong with the world, he believes Jesus is radically inclusive, he loves his family, and he is seeking to learn more and more about what it means to be one of Christ’s disciples. As a pastor, he aims to live in a way that is consistent with those values. Sitting with people where they are at – be it a good space or a bad space or any space in between, is one of the things he loves the most about being a pastor.

Steven also loves hanging out with his family, Pritika, Aaliyah and Tiana. He also loves drinking coffee and watching movies, particularly ones set in a ‘galaxy far far away’ and acknowledges that this makes him a bit of a nerd.

You can contact him at steven[at]wsbc.org.nz

Margaret Crisp – Administrator and Facilities Manager

Margaret is the heart and soul of our WSBC community. Once described as “Heaven on Toast,” Margaret loves people and fosters strong community connections with our friends in Island Bay.  Margaret is married to John, has three grown up children and is Nan to seven beautiful girls.

You can contact Margaret at office[at]wsbc.org.nz