COVID-19 Traffic Light System

As a group of people who follow Jesus and who deeply care for this community, we want to do all we can to support and serve you in these times.

We believe that we have a responsibility to each other to do all we can to protect one another from spreading the virus.

For that reason, from 11:59pm Thursday 2 December 2021, Wellington South Baptist Church will require all who enter our facilities to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated using the COVID-19 My Vaccine Pass. This applies to our worship services as well as all users of the facilities for other events or activities. During our worship services, we also require masks to be worn.

If you are unwell or would like to join us online, you can do so via our Zoom services at 10am on Sunday.

Zoom Meeting ID: 872 0017 4771

If you are in need of assistance:

  • We have people who are willing to help with grocery shopping collection and delivery
  • We will shortly have pre-cooked meals that can be delivered

Should there be other things that we can do to support you in this time, please do reach out to us.


Phone: 383 6888